We didn't meet by chance

Kyle & Melissa grew up 350 miles apart.
A series of fortunate events brought us together.


Kyle grew up in urban Buffalo. Following in his father's footprints, he developed an interest in architecture at a young age. Kyle moved to Baltimore to begin his first job after graduating with his degree in Architecture.

Music in Maryland

Melissa was born in Edmonton, but moved out to the rural Maryland countryside when she was young. She has a lifelong passion for arts and service. She moved to Baltimore early in her doctoral program to be closer to friends.

Find me a find, Catch me a catch

Kyle & Melissa met at an Independence Day BBQ on Cooksie Street thanks to the artful matchmaking skills of Dan & Casey Gerlach.
Kyle & Dan worked in the same building, while Casey & Melissa had known each other from college. We're not the first couple they've matched, and we doubt we'll be the last!

5 Years at Fogo

On the 5th anniversary of our first date, we are marrying in an intimate ceremony at the Fogo Island Inn, one of the four corners of the flat Earth. We are celebrating the beginning of our wedded life with a road trip home to Baltimore, exploring coastal North America along the way.